Founded in 1997, Hydra-Spec inc. specializes in the diagnosis of water network distribution systems, parts distribution and restoration of fire hydrants, municipal equipment, tools and products.

We are located in the Montreal and Ottawa area and we serve commercial, industrial and municipal customers in Québec and Ontario.

Proud of its founder’s 20 years experience, Hydra-Spec inc. distinguishes itself from competition by the quality of its services, by the competence of its personnel and by its affordable solutions.

Hydra-Spec inc. acts as a partner to the waterworks systems manager allowing him to know better the actual and true condition of its water mains, fire hydrants and valves. By increasing its knowledge of the water quality and of the system’s components with accurate data, our customer can proactively manage the maintenance of its aqueduct network, improve personnel management and reduce drinking water waste. We provide the manager with the appropriate tools for an efficient budget planning.

We constantly seek innovative products for aqueduct networks.

Hydra-Spec’s mission is to offer simple and economical solutions to our municipal, commercial and private customers.

Éric Cheff, President


Member of the American
Water Works Association

Member of the "association
des professionnels à
l'outillage municipal"


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