Fire hydrants maintenance and installation standards

It is important to understand that the owner is responsible for making sure his installation and its maintenance meet applicable codes and standards.

Many authorities can require maintenance on your security equipment including fire hydrants and main valves. These can be your municipality, the fire department and insurance companies.

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City of Ottawa : Proposed by-law for the management of hydrants on private property

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Fire hydrant
inspection Ottawa


The fire hydrants and main valve inspections we perform meet the  National Fire Code of Canada 2005.

Section 6.4. of this code refers to NFPA-25 "Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems".

These standards are minimum code and more frequent inspections may be required depending on the conditions of your water network. For example, if the water level is high in your area, you will have to monitor closely your system and hydrants during the freezing period.



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